How Supademo uses Supademo

How Supademo uses Supademo for Demo Automation

As a company that values high velocity and iteration, the Supademo team tried to "dogfood" our own product in almost every single department. Whether it's using demo automation within our product updates, leveraging Supademo for onboarding, or validating new ideas with interactive prototypes, it's critical that our employees are true power users of our own product.

Why? Aside from helping our employees drive user adoption or increase productivity, using our own product forces us to identify new features, narrow down on issues, and constantly improve out product.

But as we leverage demo automation in our day-to-day operations, one of the most common questions we get from customers is to how to get the most out of Supademo.

So we wrote a detailed blog post on this topic, which you can access here 👇🏽

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