Blur, Crop and Annotate

Please note that blurs, cropping, and annotations are only supported for screenshot slides. Video slide editing is currently not supported.

Add blurs and redactions

You can blur out sections of your Supademo to ensure you redact any sensitive information like emails, names, or phone numbers. To add a blur. Please refer to the above Supademo for the step-by-step guide.

Crop your Supademo

You can crop your Supademo to ensure you remove extraneous sections from your screenshot or make it align with the aspect ratios of your previous slides. Please refer to the below Supademo for the step-by-step guide.

Annotate your Supademo

You can add annotations like arrows, rectangles, ellipses, and text to bring attention to specific areas on your Supademo. Please refer to the above Supademo for the step-by-step guide.

Your Supademo takes the aspect ratios of the first slide in your demo. This means that subsequent slides are cropped in/out to match the first slide's dimensions.

For a cohesive, professional Supademo, we recommend using the same window size, resolution, or dimensions for all recordings and screenshots uploaded.

Step-by-step guide to this feature

1. Click on "Blur & Annotate"

1 Click on

2. Blur any sections you want to redact by simply dragging across the screen.

2 Click here

3. Annotate your Supademo by clicking the option on the left-hand side.

3 Click on

4. Click on any spot on your screen to add an arrow.

4 Click here

5. Add rectangles to your screen by clicking the option at the bottom.

5 Click on

6. Like the arrow, drag over an area to drop the rectangle annotation.

6 Click on

7. You can do the same with text. Simply drag on the screen and you'll end up with something like this ->

7 Click on

8. This is text we just added!

8 Click on

9. Crop a Supademo by clicking the option on the left.

9 Click on

10. Simply drag it to the desired size or aspect ratio.

10 Click here

11. Whenever you're done with your changes, click "Done" to save the image!

11 Click here

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