Mobile Uploads

While native mobile recording is not yet supported, you can create a Supademo of a mobile application by taking screenshots and bulk uploading them onto Supademo.

If your mobile application is web-based, simply resize your browser window to a mobile size and use Supademo's Chrome Extension to record steps. Please note that annotations display at the bottom of the mobile screen such that they don't impede the limited screen real estate.

1. Take screenshots of every screen you would like to display in your Supademo.

1 Upload

2. Navigate to Supademo from your mobile device and click "create demo".

2 Upload

3. Choose "Create from uploads".

3 Upload

4. From the new Supademo, click "Upload Images"

4 Upload

5. Select all of the screenshots you would like to upload to this Supademo then click *Add*

5 Upload

6. Finish your Supademo on your desktop to add hotspots, overlay, autoplay, and more!

6 Upload

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