Record Browser

Important: Supademo supports native recording for any browser-based applications through the Chrome extension. To create Supademos of desktop applications or mobile apps, please refer to the linked pages.

Chrome Extension

The first step to recording a Supademo is by signing up for an account and downloading our intuitive Chrome extension. When turned on, the extension automatically captures every single click and video transition (i.e. scrolls, typing) and stitches it together into a step-by-step, interactive product demo.

Steps to record a Supademo

Extension Settings and Options

  • Share with Workspace: option to automatically add recorded demos to the shared workspace, or keep within the personal tab.
  • Enable Video Recording: capture user-driven actions like typing, scrolling, and dragging within the recording. Turning this off will create screenshot-based demos only.
  • Apply Auto Zoom: automatically apply visual zooming and panning effects to new Supademo recordings for a visually appealing, immersive experience for your viewers.
  • Recording Dimensions: control your recording dimensions before recording to ensure a consistent experience.

Resize Recording Window Dimensions

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