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Knowledge Base

Getting Started

Tips, tricks, and playbooks to get you started.

6 articles

Record and Upload

Complete breakdown of how to create a Supademo by recording or manual uploads.

7 articles

Editing a Supademo

Learn to customize your Supademo with powerful edit features.

14 articles

Share and Embed

Learn how to share and embed Supademo within the tools you already use.

9 articles

Supademo AI

Personalize your Supademo in seconds with Generative AI.

3 articles

Gated Access

Restrict demo access with password protection or email lead capture.

2 articles

Dynamic Variables

Personalize your Supademo with your viewer's name and company name at scale.

3 articles

Branching and Chapters

Use conditional branching and chapters to personalize your Supademo.

5 articles

Custom Branding

Personalize your Supademo with logos, colors, and a custom domain.

6 articles


Learn how to measure the performance of your Supademo.

6 articles


Integrate Supademo with the tools you already use.

4 articles


Guides on organizing and collaborating on your team workspace.

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Common FAQs

Answers to common questions and queries.

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Security and Billing

Billing and Payments

Answers to common questions related to billing and payments.

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1 article

Security and Privacy

Information on Supademo's security and privacy measures.

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