Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What's the best way to get started?

We recommend that you read our getting started guide to learn more about Supademo and how to best leverage demo automation across your organization.

Is it possible to add my own voiceover?

Yes - you can now add your own voiceover to selected Supademo slides by simply clicking Add Voiceover → Manual Voiceover.

Why doesn't my voiceover automatically play on the first slide?

Supademo doesn't automatically play the voiceover on the  slide if there isn't an initial Chapter as the first step. If the voice was automatically played, it would create a subpar viewing experience for Supademo embeds or for unsuspecting viewers that haven't taken user action or interacted with the demo yet.

As such, we recommend adding a chapter as the first step to automatically play the voiceover for a recorded slide.

Why aren't some of my clicks not being captured?

There may be certain websites that block the extension javascript injection that is required to detect clicks and capture screenshots. While Supademo works out-of-the-box for most websites, there may be unsupported edge cases. If you run into this instance, please send us the:

  • URL of the website you're looking to record;
  • URL of the Supademo recording (if any);

to and we'll aim to get this resolved for you.

Can you help me change my account email?

Please get in contact with us at with your current login email and the email you would like to modify access to.

Can you transfer my demos to another account or to another workspace?

Absolutely. Please get in contact with us at with your current login email and the email you would like to transfer your Supademos to.

How can we upload our own videos to Supademo?

Yes - you can now upload your own videos by simply clicking Upload → Upload From Device and choosing the video you wish to upload.

Certain slides in my Supademo are cropped, cut off, or the aspect ratios are off

Supademo takes the aspect ratio and dimensions of the first image/slide in the demo. This will automatically resize subsequent slides to fit this ratio. We recommend using the same aspect ratio/screen size across slides or cropping non-conforming slides for the best demo results.

Can I have the hotspots show up without any text?

To show only the pulsing circle (and not the hotspot text), simply remove the hotspot text and only the former will be displayed when viewing the Supademo outside of the edit view.

How do I remove the Supademo watermark?

You can remove the Supademo watermark on Pro, Scale, and Enterprise plans by accessing Customization -> Watermark.

What happens when I downgrade my account from a paid to free account?

Once you downgrade your account from Pro, you'll lose access to the features specific to the plan you downgraded from. Your existing demos will still be available, but certain features may cease to be available - including demo branching or zoom and pan. Any custom domains or branding will be removed and the workspace will be restricted from creating more than five demos.

Is it possible to "conjoin" or "merge" two separate Supademos into one?

Yes - you can merge multiple Supademos into one without overwriting the source Supademos. You can also create a multi-demo showcases that bundle multiple Supademos into one shareable link.

Can you embed Supademo into the live product for new users who first sign up so that we can use it as a walkthrough?

In short yes — but this may require technical implementation work. You can embed Supademo as an iframe within links, buttons, and modals that are triggered throughout your platform.

With this being said, Supademo is most often used as an embedded iframe within support docs, knowledge bases, internal docs, and websites.

Can I export Supademo as a video? Or can I export Supademo as a scrolling list of steps?

Supademo can be exported as a video (MP4) or GIF by following these instructions. To copy the images and text from each Supademo, you can use the Steps Copy feature.

This is ideal for adding step-by-step how-to's to platforms that don't support iframe embeds, like Google Docs or Intercom.

How do I record desktop apps? How do I record mobile apps?

While we don't yet have native recording capabilities for desktop or mobile apps, you can screenshot and upload images to create Supademos.

Here are the instructions for desktop apps and for mobile apps.

What are the most popular use cases for Supademo?

Popular use cases for Supademo include:

  1. Visual guidance in knowledge bases and support docs
  2. Website product tours
  3. Interactive, async onboarding materials
  4. Engaging sales collateral for post-demo follow-ups
  5. Customer enablement and training materials

You can read more examples of use cases across marketing, customer success, and sales/enablement by clicking the relevant links.

Which languages do you support for AI Translations or AI Voiceover?

Languages we support for translations:

  • Arabic
  • Catalan
  • Chinese (Simplified, Traditional HK, Traditional Taiwan)
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (Europe, Brazil)
  • Russian
  • Spanish

AI Voiceover supports any language - simply enter your desired text for the AI Voiceover and your selected voice will narrate each of the steps.

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