Conditional Demo Branching

Here is a quick guide to designing an effective branching product demo. Please note that Conditional Branching is a feature on Scale and Enterprise plans.

Branching allows your viewers to choose their own demo journey within your Supademo - ensuring a better interactive and engaging experience.

This includes:

  • The ability to add multiple CTAs/buttons to Supademo Chapters - each with their own unique target URL or demo step;
  • The ability to set a unique target demo step for hotspot(s)

Ultimately, branching can help you create demos that lead to higher engagement, more qualified leads, and personalization at scale. Here's a summary of the feature in action:

1. Branching allows viewers to choose their own adventure! Click "Add chapter" to try it out.

2. You add multiple buttons to this Chapter by clicking here.

2 Click on

3. Buttons can be linked to external links or to any step within the Supademo.

3 Click here

4. You can easily customize the color, text, and destination and create up to three CTAs.

4 Click here

5. 💡Tip: you can create multiple chapters and branches in a single Supademo. Make sure you click "Save" when done!

5 Click on

6. You can also add branching to hotspots. Simply click the slide you want to edit...

6 Click on

7. And click on edit for the hotspot you'd like to add branching to.

8. Click here to customize target slides for when each hotspot is clicked.

8 Click on

9. Click on "Save" once done, and you've created a Supademo with conditional branching!

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