Set Theme for Specific Supademo

Supademo offers a robust set of branding and customization options on a per Supademo or a global Workspace level. These include adding a custom demo page logo, setting custom colors, adding a demo page CTA, and customizing the custom domain.

To set demo-specific themes, simply follow the instructions below:

1. Begin by selecting the 'Customization' option for the Supademo you'd like to customize.

1 Click on

2. Next, navigate and select the 'Branding' feature.

2 Click on

3. You'll notice that the default logo and button from the workspace theme is added. We'll remove it for this example.

3 Click here

4. Next, we'll upload our own. This can be for the product line or for a specific prospect.

4 Click here

5. Nice! Now we can do the same for the demo share button.

5 Click here

6. Let's make this red for example.

6 Click here

7. When finished, be sure to choose 'Save branding settings'.

7 Click on

8. To visualize your changes, select 'Preview'.

8 Click on

9. You'll notice that the logo and button has been changed for this specific demo - without impacting your workspace theme!

9 Click on

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