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Share your interactive demo anywhere on the web - whether as an embed on your website, a public link, or through an email.

Here's a small how-to guide exploring sharing options👇

Link to Specific Slide

You can share a specific step within your Supademo by using a URL parameter. This can be handy for long Supademos that cover multiple topics. To share a specific step in your Supademo, simply add a #step at the end of your demo share URL, with step indicating the step number.

For example ⤵️

Link directly to the 4th step for viewers clicking the URL:

If you're looking to add conditional hotspot branching or multi-CTA chapters, we recommend demo branching or showcases.

Link to Specific Demo in Showcase

You can link to a specific Supademo within a multi-demo showcase. You can use this link across CTAs or as URLs shared within emails, Slack, etc.

To share a specific demo in a showcase, simply click the demo you want. The URL will be updated based on your selection. Simply copy and share this URL to ensure viewers see this demo as the default selection when they view your Showcase.

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