One-Click SOPs: Copy Steps and Images

With Steps Copy, you can copy and paste steps from an existing Supademo to any document or platform. This is great for adding step-by-step guides to platforms that don't natively support iFrames/embeds, for creating 'how-to' content for SEO, or creating SOPs for training and onboarding.

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

1. Start off by clicking on "Share" on a Supademo you'd like to copy the text and images for.

1 Click on

2. Next, click on "Copy Steps".

2 Click on

3. Choose HTML for styled elements, or Text to simply grab unformatted text and images.

3 Click on

4. Next, navigate to the website, support page, or document you want to paste steps into.

4 Click here

5. Then simply paste (command + v) to add it to your doc!

5 Click on

6. Hotspots will be overlayed on top of each image, along with text steps for each slide!

6 Click on

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