Getting Started Guide

โ“What is Supademo?

Supademo helps teams communicate products more effectively - with beautifully interactive, AI-powered demos and guides. Over 10,000 users at forward-thinking organizations leverage Supademo across support docs, onboarding, sales, or marketing to drive adoption, leads, and deals closed.

๐Ÿ“Š What are the benefits of an interactive demo vs. screenshots or video?

Unlike a demo video where you need to create a script, narrate, re-record as you make mistakes, and edit, Supademo records your clicks and transforms it into a step-by-step demo. Text steps are automatically added and a natural, human-like voice can be added to each step.

Best of all - instead of redoing this video multiple times as features change, you can edit each step image, text, and voiceover at any time without redoing the entire demo - making it much more maintainable.

Ultimately, Supademo helps you seamlessly create high-fidelity, engaging demos and guides in minutes, not hours.

๐Ÿชœ Steps to create your first Supademo

  1. Record: After downloading our Chrome extension, turn it on and click through any workflow. An interactive demo is automatically generated in seconds, complete with hotspots and text instructions.
  2. Personalize: Customize your Supademo with powerful features like AI voiceover, dynamic variables, blurring, autoplay, and conditional branching.
  3. Share and Embed: Instantly share your Supademo as a link or embed it across various platforms like support docs, websites, or within the tools you already use.

๐Ÿ”ฅ Popular use cases for Supademo

Customer Success

  1. Reduce the learning curve via self-paced demos in onboarding
  2. Embed in training guides or knowledge base for self-serve product knowledge

Product Marketing

  1. Qualify website leads with high-level interactive demos on the demo booking page
  2. Announce new features or workflows in product blogs, emails or product webinars

Sales & Enablement

  1. Reinforce key features and benefits by sharing a post-demo leave-behind
  2. Send personalized interactive demos to prospects throughout the sales cycle

๐Ÿ—๏ธ Key features you should know about

Supademo is growing rapidly, so please visit our changelog for the latest features and upgrades to the platform. Otherwise, for common FAQs about features or functionality on Supademo, visit the link here.

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