Default Supademo Style

Supademo offers a robust set of branding and customization options on a per Supademo or a global Workspace level. These include adding a custom demo page logo, setting custom colors, adding a demo page CTA, and customizing the custom domain. Here are some helpful links to personalize your Supademo with custom branding:

You can easily set default values for your Supademo by navigating to the customization tab of your Supademo workspace. Here you can easily customize:

General Branding

  • Removing the Supademo branding and watermark
  • Adding a logo to your Supademo share pages
  • Adding a button to your Supademo share pages

Supademo Branding

  • Default hotspots settings
  • Default Call-to-Action settings
  • Supademo design settings

Custom domain

  • Set a custom URL to fully white-label your Supademos and Showcases.
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