Configure Custom Domain

Custom domains allow you to fully brand your Supademo URLs - across both link sharing and embeds.

Please note that Custom Domains are a feature on Scale and Enterprise plans. For trial accounts, the custom domain will automatically be removed if an upgrade is not initiated during the trial period.

Steps to set up a custom domain

1. First off, click on "Custom Domain" under Customizations.

1 Click on

2. After, click on "Connect domain".

2 Click on

3. Next, enter in your desired custom domain here. For example "".

3 Click here

4. Following that, click on "Next: Configure DNS".

4 Click on

5. Now click the button here to copy the value you want to enter into your hosting provider.

5 Click here

6. Next, head to your DNS provider (Cloudflare in this case)

6 Click on

7. Click on "Add record".

7 Click on

8. 1. Choose "CNAME".

8 Click on

9. Finalize on Cloudflare by clicking "Save"

9 Click on

10. Go back to Supademo and, click on "Ready: Go Live". If everything is correct, your domain will be set up automatically!

10 Click on

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