General Analytics

With Supademo analytics, you can track and measure the impact of your interactive product demos across individual demos, across workspaces, and for specific time periods.

Through the analytics dashboard, you can review per-demo or aggregate demo statistics broken down by time periods and by internal or external viewers. By using the sorting mechanism, you can also sort to see your Supademos with the highest engagement or the most number of viewers.

Here's how to review general data and analytics for a Supademo👇

1. Take your demo game to the next level with Supademo analytics 📈

1 Click on

2. Use the data filter to view metrics by specific date ranges and viewer types.

2 Click on

3. Hover over the chart to see specific viewers and engagement for a particular date.

3 Click here

4. View specific metrics for a Supademo by clicking the icon next to it. You can also access these insights from a specific Supademo page.

4 Click here

5. Easily toggle by viewer type and by date range.

5 Click on

6. You can get a quick snapshot of core metrics for the Supademo here.

6 Click on

7. **Want more insights?** Hover to see conversion and drop-offs for each step - helping quickly identify slides to improve.

7 Click here

Viewer analytics are currently do not support tracking for multi-demo showcases.

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